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Preventive Maintenance

Marshall Roof Asset Management Process

Marshall’s Initial and Annually Updated Roof Asset Management

Our roof asset management process (1) gathers and organizes information for the owner/manager to plan and budget repairs and maintenance, and (2) restores a roof to an acceptable performance level and keeps it there with ongoing preventive maintenance.



  • Perform roof inspection
  • Compile historical records
  • Corrective action to bring the roof up to an acceptable performance level

Annual Spring and Fall Roof Inspection,
Analysis and Preventive Maintenance

  • Clean drain areas
  • Check all flashings and make minor repairs
  • Check for water-tight contact between the roof membrane and HVAC units,
    siding, joints and ductwork
  • Check for low spots and ponding water
  • Clean debris from roof
  • Touch up out-of-warranty membranes with sealants, etc. as needed
  • Check for new penetrations or equipment on or through the roof
  • Check for cracks in parapet walls or copings
  • Check if counterflashing is still in proper position
  • Ballast minor bare spots
  • Consult with building owner/manager on roof condition, problems, solutions, etc.
  • Repair minor defects


The size, age, condition, location, number of, and type of roofing systems will determine your restoration and preventive maintenance costs to participate in Marshall Roof Asset Management. For an evaluation and quotation call 781-324-3332.

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